Yes, letters are wonderful. I knew it at the time of writing that post, but I was looking through rose-tinted glasses. I can’t get over the superficiality of my interest in letters, as a novelty to explore. The best part of the letter isn’t necessarily the content, but the experience of having a physical connection with people you cannot physically be with. It’s the unwrapping, the paper, the ink, and the preserving that makes letters undeniably special.

Yet I have recently come to the realization that they are not the only type of non-verbal communication that is special. That’s a fancy way of saying that I’ve rediscovered emails. Emails are the letters of our day – most often used for official notifications or business correspondents. It may occasionally inspire personal connections, but too often we’re tempted to hit send all and send mass updates to everyone on our address book to save the hassle, or that we let our emails lag, or we’re so fatigued from sending emails that our personal ones lack the spark that make it special.

But oh, emails can provide that passion and spark. They can send your heart racing, and I just re-read some emails from someone….and did I remember. How curious, those same words written about mundane life two years ago still hold my interest, make me want to read on, and inspire me back to Ramya still.

A good email is better than a good letter. A lack of substance in a letter can hide itself under fancy notions of style and ambiguities. A really great email relies entirely on the sentiment and writing of the author. And they have become more memorable to me…

I am going to keep up writing via post because I hope that substance takes time to mature, and I still like style enough. But here is to personal emails, for preserving the passion.