I am an idiot. I totally forgot that I put the url of this blog on my twitter feed and it’s been up for months. No wonder I kept getting random views to this blog. But that’s all taken off, so hopefully it’s just you and me, now, joining the party with a few other select lovelies and maybe worthwhile new comers.

I can’t wait to see Julia and Julia. The movie has evoked so much commotion that I want to see what its about. The New Yorker has a small piece about how Child saved a woman’s dinner party. It made me think about how things always go wrong at the critical moment. I am incapable of running a dinner party smoothly. Every time I plan something big, it always turns out wrong. As wonderful as food is, bringing people together, cooking for others always makes me terribly self-conscious and flustered. Especially since things seem to go wrong, for me, so often.

I am just discovering what Child meant to the Baby Boomer generation through the criticisms of the movie, and what has touched me most is the admittance of error. In an era of where we can manipulate every image, mistakes are edited out. One of the best Child episodes, supposedly, is where she drops a potato pancake on the ground and picks it up again – these things happen. A movie is fictional, but I am looking forward to all of the humanity that comes from the movie.

Tomorrow is the Woodward Dream Cruise…a relic of this town’s Motorcity. I spoke to an acquaintance from Swarthmore who is visiting Detroit and I told him that I was leaving. It didn’t hit me that there is so much more that I’ve been wanting to explore in Detroit that I havent had the chance to. I don’t really have that much time with packing everything and preparing for my final year. Every year I try to go to the electronic, jazz and blues festival, or promise to go to the museums or explore the Mexican town or Greek Town a little bit more. While outsiders, including myself, see Detroit as a failed city, loyal citizens recognize the richness that the city still has to offer. I regret that I have not had the courage to discover it myself. Maybe I will come back.

But right now, all I want to do is sleep.