I get all my photos from Tina, but there are about 300 that she didn’t put up for the world to see. I don’t want to put them on facebook for the world, because it’s all part of my, our experience in London, you see, and that’s very personal. But I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. In my next post, I’ll also put up some photos from New York…

The first week I was in London, we wandered around Oxford Street at night, and the photo below is in front of the lingerie window at Primark.

primark-lingerieMay might kill me for this, but we thought it’d be a good idea to skip down parliament hill after a scrumptious lunch picnic we had, one spring Sunday afternoon. We tried to link arms and skip in unison, but of it all went downhill from the first step…

hampstead heath ramya may 2

Wherever I go, I find the nearest used bookstore. This photo was taken in Stroud – the afternoon light streamed onto the dusty books – it was so serene and beautiful. I don’t think I found any book that I wanted though, but it felt so magical and precious to pick up one of those books…


One more from Stroud.

IMG_7835My favorite. We missed the train back to Bath from Stroud, so Tina and I were a bit bored. Besides snorting white (candy) powder and popping sugar on our tongues, I made Tina jump!

IMG_7856Why, hello, love.

IMG_7860Anthrax? Cocaine? Refined sugar? All I know is that Bath and Stroud hardened Tina…

IMG_7867What I did read instead of my American studies reading. No wonder my marks were so low for that module.


Sunset over the Thames.

IMG_9418Party pics – Kokos for Button Down Disco, in Morning Crescent? Somewhere on the northern line near Camden. After taking fashion advice in an attempt to look hipster and cool, I looked like a cow girl. But the venue was super cool donned in disco fashion.


Going off tangent – but ff I had to describe myself in one photo, it’d be this – silly and laughing. Sorry it’s sideways.

SP_A0054One last photo. The only day of snow. Unfortunately, I missed it in preparing for my American studies class, but Anna was there to add to the beauty. 02042009-snowday-3