From The Atlantic’s food blog:

“The temperature at which we eat a chocolate has a big impact on how we experience it. In hindsight of course this totally makes sense. I’ve been saying the same thing incessantly about good cheese and cured ham, etc. for decades. Eat ’em straight from the fridge and you miss at least half the flavor.”

I used to eat a lot more dark chocolate in London. Whether it was digestive cookies half-covered with chocolate or my weekly stock of the limited edition Peruvian square. Unfortunately, neither of them are available to me and I haven’t had the time to explore quality brands of dark chocolate available in New York.

I did though visit a place called the Chocolate bar, like a month ago, and tried a raspberry hot chocolate. (yes, that’s raaaaaaas-berry.) Tremendously good, just like the hot chocolate at the German strudel bar we went to in Bath, actually. (Its from a photo at the bar from which this blog’s header was created.) But I run into the problem, again, that the richness is just overpowering…

Anyways, also 2 ounces of dark chocolate a day can help lower blood pressure. Maybe that explains why mine is so low…

Oh, and the antioxidants make you happier. So I need to find those bars again. Or whole-wheat, chocolate covered digestives, mmm.