Recap: I used to drink 2 one-shot espressos a day, in addition to several cups of tea that I’d invariably sit down to drink with my hallmates, in London. Right, so my caffeine intake shot up from minimal to exceeding.

My 2-3 cups of American coffee is really nothing in comparison. And yet it just feels absurd. I probably need 5 cups of this coffee to make up for how much caffeine I was taking in by the coffee alone, not to mention to the minute amounts in tea. I’ve probably mentioned this before but I keep coming back to it – I do not cease to be awed by this vast proportion difference.

That’s it, I’m just reminiscing about my 90 p delicious cappuccinos from SOAS I’d get with May – my mid-afternoon fix sitting in the green spot on campus watching attractive hippie-students. SOAS was perfect for May, it was like a Swarthmore in London.) My home made coffee is obscenely bad – really a recession item.