The most famous desi student from Swarthmore is from…Lahiri’s book Unaccustomed Earth. (Desi meaning South Asian.) I wonder what compelled her to put her character in Swarthmore, of all places. Does she have a special connection to the college? Is that Swarthmore is actually really special and well-known and I just won’t realise it until I’m an alum? The number of people who fit this category is so small…I think I may know all of them! Was it a promise to another writer from Swarthmore? Rishi Reddi is the only acclaimed SA alum-cum-author. It gave me the same feeling of awe as when characters from Smith’s novel rode the Jubilee line, except that I feel disconnected from Swarthmore at the moment. Half of the (wonderful) people I’ve meet these past 6 months have been from Swarthmore, but the memories of my college years there seem so far away and I can’t imagine what it will be like to go back.

Speaking of which, I missed the pre-orientation diversity workshop facilitator application deadline, argh. Maybe they’ll accept it a day late?