This is the kind of story where I’ve away a plot element already – that I was at Magnolia, the cupcake place featured in Sex and the City. It would probably best be served as the punchline, but I must begin that its ironic that this story happened at Magnolia. One, is that I want to avoid cafes/restaurants that became famous for reasons unrelated to the quality of their food. Serendipity taught me that, as I mentioned in an earlier post. The second irony…well, you have to find out.

My suitemates and I were coming back from watching The Proposal at Lincoln Center. Meghan mentioned that the cupcake place was nearby, but probably closed since it was pushing ten. Indeed, the cashiers waved at us sadly to tell us we couldn’t come in. But I pressed my nose against the glass door, peering through two windows to see the delicious cupcakes. yes, I was like one of those boxcar children, oliver twist, Annie, pick your pathetic orphan, separated from the delectables. And then a man in a suit, with a box of cupcakes, motioned us to the side entrance. He came outside and opened up the box, which had six delicious ones.

“Other than these two,” he motioned to two chocolatey looking ones, but luckily there was one more with chocolate icing, “you can have any in the box. They gave too many to me.”

FREE CUPCAKES. IN NEW YORK. It was a magical moment that I kind of got my wish, even if I pretend that I didn’t want Magnolia cupcakes. Damn, it was good. Terribly sweet, so I picked up a pink plastic cup of water from Subway, but absolutely wonderful.

Amber was on the phone as we walked to the subway with our cupcakes, so she didn’t finish hers before we dipped underground.

“I feel like my cupcake just got dirtied in here,” she said, or something that effect that the air inside the cars just spoiled it. I generally feel dirtier when I ride the subway, so I indeed sympathized. I’m not sure if she ate it.