Stop. Read the post below, first, if you haven’t already. Its a bridge you must cross.

I’m a bit disappointed in the area around Rockefeller, because I’d hoped there would be lots of really good cafes, restaurants, character, in general. My only equivalent is Piccadilly Circus, except the commercial retail is right next to skyscraper office buildings (I work on the 17th floor). This is the center of Manhattan the way PC/Oxford Street is, except there aren’t office buildings situated in those areas, of course. I mean, an Au Bon Pain is nice, but 1.75 for a stale croissant at 6 pm, really? I know, everyone knows, New York is expensive but it’s always been a far away fact. Now that I am living it…

I’m not only peeved by the cost, but by the poor quality of the food in the few nearby restaurants. And Serendipity. And Magnolia, if I had visited. The secret to New York is to avoid the most pop-famous areas. My favorite place so far, a vegetarian dimsum restaurant in Chinatown, on a dodgy side street.