Don’t tell me its that time of the month, but my diet in the past half-day has been entirely chocolate. (almost). Starting with this delicious rum chocolate bar with raisins that Frankie gave me late last evening, to Tesco chocolate brownies and chocolate crispie flakes for lunch for this afternoon. And cappuccino with a hint of orange chocolate, very interesting.

I also tried a digestive today, after forgoing it for months following an unhealthy binge. There’s something about digestives that pushes you to extremes, because May and Tina shared this experience of battling an uncontrollable desire for them. Its the wholemeal that disguises itself as semi-healthy food because it tastes so wholesome, it hides the vast amount of sugar intake. But today, it’s lost its appeal. Either that or I’d reached my chocolate limit, but one digestive was enough. An exception pointed out by May, “When I dip them in tea, they go a lot faster. But I can’t go through a pack anymore.”

Speaking of tea, I find it funny that Melinda and I just have a pack of Jasmine Green tea, but you won’t find any green in Rhodri’s cupboard. And he has at least ten boxes of different varieties of tea. Once upon a time, tea never held any taste for me but I pushed on drinking it until I could understand what made it so special to move history. I’m amused because its really just flavored hot water and it’s moved nations together and apart. Most importantly, however, “a cup of tea can solve anything,” said Frankie. When I was crying, I thought of that line and burst out laughing as I made myself a cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be true, but if I say it to myself enough then it becomes true. A cuppa with a digestive, please.

(I hated paying 1.20 pounds for it in a cafe at Bath when I knew that it’d cost me a penny if I had a store-bought teabag on me.)

This entry is all over the place. But remember, it all happened within a few hours and I can’t always map out my life linearly. As a student, I’m just a handful of colorful splotches in time.