I go quiet for a couple weeks and then burst out with a stream of posts. Well, I went to a new play called Frontline that’s playing at the Globe. 2-5 its Romeo and Juliet and 7:30-10 its Frontline. It was kind of exciting to see some caste members of RJ in the groundling audience last night.

Frontline reminds of Midaq Alley because its situated in a static place – a public square in Camden Town – but the performance follows multiple story lines. It’s drugs, sex and…cooky vendors. There’s was so much energy from the great trumpet and piano music, the bright lights and stage that extended half-way into the Yard. In the beginning, all the storylines were presented at the same time that I was really confused and it was too much noise! And then each thread was pulled apart and developed until I got very attached to some of the characters. I was standing in the crevice between the main stage and the extension and I loved being right in front of the drama. Because they had a really big caste that made a point to speak to the audience at certain points, this play did a much better job at utilizing the entirety of the main stage.

Some of characters just touched your heart. The hot dog vendor, who narrated the story, was Scottish while the coffee vendor was Afghani, the crazy actor was Irish, one drug dealer was Ethopian (Christian) and another was Muslim (location, no idea) and then there were a bunch of white “chavs” as my neighbors call them. And the lap-dancing woman, bouncer and her daughter were black – so a really diverse crowed, so many different types of voices coming together.

I’m surprised that most seats were empty. What a shame when they were facing empty seats on the side bays. 5 pound tickets, go see it!