Yesterday, Tina and I went to a famous Indian restaurant called Hot Stuff. It’s gotten rave reviews from The Times (New York and London) and its webiste advertises people not to come because it’s gotten so popular. It’s really a tiny little restaurant tucked in a street in Lambeth. Unfortunately, the Victoria line was down, just yesterday, so May whom I was supposed to meet by exit 1 never made it.

When I arrived there half an hour late, the waiter gave me a not-very-happy look, understandably because there was a line outside soon after. But after Tina and I settled in, the waiters and owner were really friendly. I didn’t read the reviews until today and I just realized how unusual it is to meet someone who is quoted in an interview. Even as a collegiate reporter myself, interiveews in newspapers have always been distant figures and…anyways, the restaurant held up to its review. I have an expectation about what Indian restaurant food will taste like, and it wasn’t like that at all. I imagined it’d be a better version of the typical, but in fact, it was exactly like my mother’s cooking. The saag paneer and the dhal that I ordered were two dishes I grew up with and I’ve never tasted dhal like that before. It was a really nice treat, bringing back memories of home. It was a very precious considering how far I have come from home*. I definitely want to go back.

Oh, and it’s true that the final price of the meal doesn’t correspond to the prices. Let’s just say that I was very happy with our value : )

*When I leave London, I leave straight for New York with just a few hours of “home” in between. And then back to uni. What’s home anymore?