Hello, I’m not embarrassed to be an American any more because all feelings of shame have been diverted to the French. They are the new Americans: loud and therefore slightly obnoxious and they are everywhere.

Mind you, London is still one of the most proper cities. Compared to New York, at least. Decorum is exhibited in public spaces and even a little bit distinguishes them.

So when a loud French voices pierce the silence of the underground, we notice. I notice that its is no longer the Americans and the English probably notice that someone is interrupting their peace, once again, even if its not the Americans. (Reading The Remains of the Day make me realize how the relationships between the Americans and the English, and the English and the French seem quite the same still. That the French are the new Americans is merely a rehashing of old frenemies.)

But as usual, the French are obnoxious with far more elegance and delicacy than the Americans. Their accents are smooth and they dress better and…

Damn, we still lose.