If you can’t tell, I love the tube. I love it because I have to love it because I spend at least an hour everyday on it, if not more travelling between places in London.

And sometimes, I smile crazily to myself because the Tube holds many secrets and stories. My favorite story takes place on the Picadilly line, which is always packed because it passes through London’s hotspots including Picadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Holborn and Heathrow. (The final desitation on the east side is called Cockfosters. Such a name must test the English manners of propriety.) It was packed on this day, as usual, and I stood against the plastic dividers travelling from somewhere to somewhere. I had company in standing up, but one guy got up from his seat, leaving it completely available. An empty seat on a packed train. But no one took it. It was by the plastic divders where all of us were standing so it was completely accessible. And usually when someone offers their seat like that, they are getting off at the next stop. Nope, this guy was standing for quite a while. And the seat remained empty.

Each of us was waiting for someone else to accept the seat and the sight of this one seat open on a packed train just made me laugh. It was politeness to the extreme and it remained empty stop after stop! I couldn’t help but smile to myself throughout the journey and pity the guy who gave up his seat fruitlessly. It was really sweet though. I love people like that.

To the man who gave up his seat that one day, know that you are appreciated. Even if I didn’t accept the seat.