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Once glaric tourist stop that is missing is the Jane Austen Center. I left this out because its commercial enterprise makes it no more authentic than a jane Austen center anywhere else. Instead, I went to the spot where Catherine and Isabella frequent the most: the pump-room with its awful spa water. Its like standing on platform 9 and 3/4 except that its real. Its a weird intersection between reality and fiction and I’m not even sure how to wrap my head around it.

I didn’t talk about Bath very much, but it was two days of fooding, shopping but not buying, and general solitude. My favorite moments were watching the sunset on the platform in Stroud, because I could just think patiently for a while, and trekking along the river in Stroud. And visiting lots of chocolate stores and vegetarian restaurants. MMM, 71% with blackberries. I forgo Cadbury, it tastes too sweet and fattening in turn. And Tina got me hooked onto Willie’s Peruvian delectable cacao, from a documentary about Willie’s enterprise to convince Britain to eat 70% chocolate, not Cadbury.

Oh, my mom was here last week. She stayed in a hotel in the Strand, which is close to my library, and it was a haven to cut out that hour commute some days. Yes, it was nice.

And since I didn’t hear any clanging of change to pay my way back to Swarthmore, I will be continuing the rest of time in London.