The maid asked me if I’m the only one in Hampstead, because the small kitchen was so clean she didn’t need to clean it! Yes, its certainly different, now.

No one shouting right outside my door at 3 in the morning, no sounds of the sink running from the room next door, none of Richard or Chandan’s (american) music floating in through the window or door, no Frankie/Fran/anyone else waking me up in the middle of nap (my naps are self-destructive), no beer drinking/music playing in the smaller kitchen, no porno updates in the larger kitchen (excpet a few stray posters Tina and I put up), space available in the fridge of the larger kitchen! Essentially, signs of people having half-way moved out. There are definitely people ustairs since I can still hear feet thumping but its essentially…much quieter around me. I know people living in adjacent buildings, but without everyone revising, its mostly to be a quiet April.

I do hope to travel though. Planning a two-day trip to Bath and Stratford later on in the month.

Anyone know anyone in Edinburgh or Ireland who can host visitors for a weekend, by the way?