Here, I thought cider was a female alternative to beer. No matter how many pubs I go to or long I stay in London, I can’t think of beer as anything but hops-juice. Cider is cheap, cheaper than cocktails at 2.50 a shot, and “sickly sweet,” as Rhodri called it. I went to Hampstead bar with Frankie, Rhodri, and Lauren and all of them rejected the remaining of my half-pint. (Don’t laugh at me for drinking half-pints.) Now, I am wondering if its somehow because we’re American, but it is on tap. Only now I realized that I don’t know any other students who drink cider, and I wonder what character it represents. Drinks do tell a lot about a person, of course, and I wonder how other people see it.

At borough market near London Bridge, a wonderful food market running from Thursday-Sunday, I think, they sell warm, cider. I almost bought some but realized it wasn’t the cider we normally drink.

The papers say that Brown wants to raise the price of alcohol because the Brits like to binge. Economics 101, price elasticity of alcohol…won’t it just make Londoners financially worse off? I haven’t really been part of the London where people binge, but Rhodri can pack liters without any trouble. I, on the other hand, can’t even do half a pint.