This was written a few days ago


All of London collapsed with the onset of a few inches of snow. Supposedly the transport guys should have salted the roads last night, but considering all of the lines near Hampstead were suspended, I am assuming they either forgot or did a miserable job of it. I’ve never experienced such a traumatic response to averse weather conditions, and assumed that if there is a way to get to uni, it would be shameful for me to skip. Either I am a Swattie or a fool, or both.

Firstly, I left an hour earlier because I need to print out a copy of my interview for my presentation for my American studies seminar. Having received no email at 7 in the morning about uni being closed, I assumed that it could only be open. Only first-years live in dorms, so anyone else not living in Hampstead could have probably made it to class, I assumed, so I really couldnt slack off if no one else was.

I walked knee-deep in snow, for a mile, to the Hampstead station because both the J and the M lines were closed from Finchley Road. I was with R&R, but one R received an email via his blackberry that his class was canceled, and they turned back once we had reached the station. We reached there half past 8, and I assumed that I could just take the Northern line to Embankment easily.

Nope – because the branch of the line that would take me to embankment went out of service just as I reached the platform, so I needed to take the Bank branch to Camden and switch onto the Charing Cross branch. See, all this would be fine if there werent major delays, and if they had salted the roads earlier!!

All in all, it took me two hours to get to Strand, and I barely made it in time for class. Our 60 person class had diminished to roughly 10 and we cozied around the lecturer. Yes, what you should be thinking is, why would there be lectures if the whole tube system was down?

They sent an email much later, get this, at 11 am, saying that the college was closed. Bloody hell, what happens to the poor souls who have 9 am or 10 am classes and come to uni anyways? The email specifically said don’t come to uni if its too much trouble. Literally, the whole of Strand campus was quiet, as it continued to snow, and the cafeteria was closed, the shops were about to close. London completely died today.

Not only did London fail, but KCL failed, to tell me not to come to uni, in a timely fashion!

I tried to take a taxi back from the Hampy station to Kidderpore, but the taxi got stuck in the snow! I had to both walk half a mile in the record-breaking level of snow, and pay the driver 3 quid. As soon as I got back to my room, I took a hot shower, drank tea, and didn’t leave my room for the rest of the day.

But the next day, I read on the KCL website that classes would be on. Damnit, London isnt as useless after all. Well..the sidewalks were still as treacherous, it’s like they hadn’t done anything about the ice! I left for the tube at 9:15 for my 10 am class but I walked into an empty classroom on the Waterloo campus. Apparently, I got an email at 9:20 saying that class was cancelled! I was so upset that this happened to me twice in a row. Londoners really need to jump on the we’re-wired-24/7 bandwagon and notify us earlier about important things like this!!

At least I got to cafe hop on an icy, but bright London morning.