I guess there’s a moment, or several moments, when you feel singularly displaced from home. If you’re in a country where the people speak a foreign language, I am sure that language is the one biggest cultural markers. But in London, like all other things, its much more subtle. My room looks like it did in Palmer, Hampstead reminds me of Swarthmore and the Indian accents sound the same everywhere. But there was one thing that made me realize the differences are very subtle.

I didn’t even realize the problem at first. We, americans, would go out to a club on a friday night. On Anon, and then we tried to go to an artsy venue in camden the next night. Once we got thrown out of once place, we looked for another, but it was closed. Closed on a Staurday night! In fact, many of our hallmates stayed in their pajamas all day, doing work. I became really frustrated that our plans always fell through or the venue didn’t attract a crowd our age.

Fran, a club promoter explained to me that students only go out on weekdays. Every club has student nights and Wednesdays are particularly popular. My geek alarm goes off…going out on a school night? Sacre bleu!

Maybe this isn’t a British vs. American culture thing but a Swat vs. unis culture where we stay up until 4 in the morning on weekdays working and occasionally go out on the weekends. I guess it makes more sense because Kings students dont really have regular coursework throughout the semester; everything is clumped at the end. And lectures arent very profound either, so you just need to show up to class if you want to on the weekdays without worrying about working. I think. Maybe thats the rationale. And weekdays have student nights? I might sound dumb but I COME FROM SUBURBIA COLLEGE!

Another cultural displacement: I cant find a bagel at Starbucks. That was weird and depressing. Some mornings, I really just want a f**** bagel. Not a crumpet. Not a piece of toast. Not a roll. Not a croissant or fruitbread. Not a danish or whatever other breakfast food they might consume. Just a dunkin donuts or Tarble bagel. (I really miss DD) But no bagels are to be found. Even at Starbucks, an American icon.

But also the toilets! I must comment on the toilets.  When it comes to toilets, the British exhibit loads of creativity. I’ve never seen so many variations of the toilet in one city! Some have a handle flush, a wave your hand over this spot, push this button on the wall, push these two buttons on the top. It’s very confusing sometimes. But they arent very good at flushing, despite all their creativity. Hampstead toilets never flush enough water on the first try and it always clogs. I wonder why there is so much discrepency.

Sorry, I meandered again. If you read, leave a comment! Let me know whose alive. And tell me about your life! This is a very one-sided conversation, darlings.