I credit the title to Melinda, who coined it to describe my experiences with America in London. It’s everywhere, I can’t escape it. In all my classes, pop culture to politics. Today, the Strand Waterfront Bar was absolutely packed with British students who were clapping to Obama’s speech! Everything can be explained logically, but it was such an odd feeling to experience myself. I heard American music at the club and Frankie reads British issues of American magazines. At the pub, they were playing American pop music and America is constantly referred to in the papers and billboards.

In my Jane Austen module, our lecturer said that Americans imagination of Britain as an idyllic pastoral scene in the country is influenced by her novels. We are, apparently, infatuated with her and type of British romance and life she presents. Unfortunately, this is true, and I am not very proud of it because it is illogical. I am taking an American Studies course and obviously it has a lot about America. In my Shakespeare class, my lecturer said that America has captured the Shakespeare market in terms of performances and scholarly work, I guess. Finally, in my film and book class, my lecturer said that America has captured the Gothic film market, particularly Tim Burton. And the short story we read was Sleepy Hollow by an American author. It’s a class about adapting literature to film…how is this inherently American or why does it warrant a reading of American pop culture?

I think my observations are more indicative of my hyper-sensitivity to all American references. In fact, Britain and America are often lumped together. In my Rise of the Novel course, all of our literature was British, but I didn’t even notice it because the two countries’ cultures are so interconnected. For example, Amy Winehouse is super popular here, but it doesn’t seem out of place. We pay mild attention to the politics of Britain and use it as a reference point. Other cultures, including British, are similarly inculcated into us, but we dont recognize it.

Some people told me that coming to Britain was not worthwhile because it is just like America. But my study abroad adivser reminded of me of a quote that basically said, America and Britain share nothing more than a language. He was right, you were wrong. Even if America and Britain share many commonalities, I’m still learning about America from a new vantage point. Whatever, I am enjoying myself.

On a different note, I am worried that I’m in the wrong time in the wrong place. As in, I should be back home. Yes, doubts are arising again as I am facing doors closing in terms of work prospects and its making me nervous. If I were at home, I would be able to network better. And the English department just came out with an amazing new course that I really wish I could take!

Sorry I didn’t blog about the wonderful Sunday lunch, the gay pub (turns out that King William the 4th isnt a strip club, its a gay pub. But I did accidently walk into a gentlmen’s club today), and wandering around in the city, somerset house. Living in a city is simply wonderful.