My fellow Brits found this blog, so I will need to tailor my content a little.

I do blame them, however, for not letting us know that On Anon can only be appreciated on student nights. Tina and I decided to spend our friday night at the club, and while I was let in free because one poor soul needed a girl to be allowed admission in, I found that it was little more than a glorified Paces.

People dancing awkwardly? Check. People needing alcohol to feel comfortable enough to dance? Check. Old, bad American pop music? CHECK. It attracted an odd mix of people in which, I quickly realized, we did not fit. However, the guys were more dressed up but most of the asian guys spike their hair. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo.

Catching the last train back from Piccadilly, and thus avoiding taking the nightbus, we spent the next five hours in our kitchen. Playing the americans versus brits game again, and again today.

I was very happy to meet up with May and Melinda today. It felt nice to have a familiar space in an unfamiliar city. Melinda was right, when she wrote on her blog, that these few weeks have been like freshman year, but with a lot more alcohol. (R, our resident drinker, can pack down alchy by the gallons, and still be as sober as brick.)

Unfortunately, I have to get back into school mode as I start classes Monday 10 am. In the meanwhile, I look forward to a lazy Sunday.

PS to Phil: My hallmates laughed at me when I said I wanted to try mead. I tried, sorry.