1) The weather is bad because it rains all the time.

Actually, it has only rained once, and the temperatures are higher here than at Swat. Admittedly, the sun never really likes to show its face, but the contrast of the colors to the grayness of the skies is beautiful in its own right. I am learning to appreciate grey weather.

2) London is really expensive.

Well, if I convert everything to dollars, of course it will seem 1.5 times more expensive. But the cost of living itself isn’t that bad. While Swarthmore has given me 70 pounds a week for groceries, I have been able to buy them at Sainsbury for much less. Most items I buy are under 2 pounds, and many are under 1. Even ready-made sandwiches go for a 1.50 pounds, which is like 3 dollars…comparable to American standards.

However, prices are lower than usual here because of the recession and there was an article in the London Times about how food prices cannot stay this low. Well, I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Yes, transportation is expensive, but I’m also not paying for that.

Also, students get tons of discounts and bars and clubs aren’t too expensive either. I mean, I least I can go. That’s a big improvement.

3) British accents are sexy.

Only certain kinds. It can get on my nerves sometimes…its such a relief to hear an American accent sometimes.

4) They are snooty, reserved and unfriendly.

Well…yes, Rob…lol. In general, they are just as friendly as any American I might have met and not particularly more proud of being British than we are about being American. But they are adamant that the Queen’s english superior to American english. I can’t really win on that one.

To all those who corrected me on my pronounciation of Pasta as (paaasta) and taco, well I got it from the British, FYI.

5) There are a lot of desis.

True, and some very attractive ones, sighs.

6) They all wear black.

Lots of black coats and very formal wear, but also lots of color. But it is a type of artsy person who gets creative with their clothing. (That means no one who is premed or science track.) Most people tend to stick to consevative, sophisticated pieces. So…a yes, kind of.

7) The tube is awesome.

Yes, but the aisles are smaller than DC’s Metro, and the seats face each other. It took me a few days to get used to it, but the tube is clean and goes everywhere.

Any other myths you can think of?