I’ve been here just over a week and its made a difference already. I successfully walked back from the tube station to Hampstead on my own. It wasn’t easy because each person had shown me a different path, but my trusty map helped me out.

I discovered that I live on the boys’ side of the hall. Since there are only female abroad students this term, I guess they ran out of space. It’s not a big difference because the two sides are separated by a swinging door, so I didn’t even notice at first. I randomly met the guy across from me and he advised me to knock on everyone’s door and introduce myself. It was a smashing it as I discovered a wonderfully friendly girl who offers many connections and happens to be a club promoter. Unfortunately, everyone is revising for first term exams so no one has time to chat, right now. Still, refreshing to meet loads more people.

Tina, Anna and I forced ourselves to check out the pub in Hampstead. It was really awkward because none of us “dressed up,” under the assumption that no one would be at the pub on a Monday evening during exam week. (I also had class at 10 am the next morning.) In reality, the atmosphere was awkwardly in between, as in there were some people but not many. I did feel a small thrill in my newfound ability to buy a drink.

My first module began as such a joke I almost felt sick. I won’t mention the name. Generally, no one paid attention, people left before we were finished…it was mad chaos! It was like high school when no one actually wanted to be in class. I talked to Natasha about this and its apparently a general uni thing for a class that no one likes. There are only two hours of class per week and only 10 weeks, and we spent that precious time watching a movie. Discussion next week better be fantastic to make this worth it.

When most King’s students choose a major, they take all their classes in that department throughout their college years. Since there is little flexibility, there is no sense of shopping and I guess that means that people aren’t as interested or invested in their course? And yet all our department coordinators warned us not expect high marks on our essays. I’ve heard this one before – a B in Britain is an A- in America. I wonder how Swarthmore compares.

Sorry, it’s 1:30 in the morning and I ought to sleep right now