After writing that first post, I want to write something a little less flippant.

I was walking parallel to the London Bridge with my new-found Americans a few nights ago, and I got this warm, fuzzy feeling. I’ve been doubting my decision to come to London and at the moment, I quietly realized I was at the right place at the right time. We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Bridge and the Thames and continued to walk along the path. It was a wonderful feeling.

I had the same feeling as I walked into King’s Strand campus (oddly next to LSE). Everything just seemed to fall in place.

I have the song “Jaane Kyun” from Dostana playing in my head. Anyone who knows the song can understand how it’s getting me through all my doubts.

Much love from Hampstead.


I discovered that what I thought was the London Bridge is actually the Tow bridge. img_0026In this particular scene, the camel-adorned bench has no bench. Actually, I am sitting in air because the bench broke. This is taken near the Thames River (notice the boat) close to the Strand campus where I’ll be taking all my classes. Oh, did I mention I bought new glasses? img_0012Again, not a very well taken photo, but that is the courtyard my room looks out on a gloomy day. It actually sunned one morning, though, and it was quite beautiful!

img_0022The Somerst House shrouded in a silver cloud of fog. This building on the Strand campus right next to King’s main building. It used to house government things and now its an art gallery, an ice skating rink and a cafe.

I did have more photos of the Strand Campus, but they came out awfully. I don’t want to embarass myself by putting them up.